360 Spherical Panorama - Can it be set to capture HDR?

Hi everyone, I have been asked by a customer to capture a “360 Pano Sphere in HDR (output)”. I know that spheres can be captured using Litchi but how can a HDR output be achieved please?

They want to import the final image as HDR into PT-GUI for lighting accuracy, so must be ‘true’ High Definition Resolution (Bracketed min range -3, 0, +3)

Someone mentioned in a FB Group that Litchi can capture this way and output HDR, without manually having to take each shot. But can it?

Many thanks! M

I believe if you use the AEB function while shooting a 360 sphere, it should be able to shoot bracketed photos for every shot taken. Testing should be able to work it out.

Good Luck

Thanks Dave, that’s what I was looking for. Makes sense and I hope to crack on with this (with a lot less hassles than I have been having). Really appreciated!