360° Panorama Capture Method - Row vs. Column

Litchi has the ability to select shooting 360 degree panoramas with variable rows and columns. That’s really cool and I love that. It also can select capture by rows or columns. So . . . What do you feel is the best method?

Is it quicker or more efficient to set the gimbal degrees, (row) then rotate the drone to each heading? Or, set the heading and move the gimbal up/down (column)?

It seems like moving the drone for each shot using rows requires a lot more start and stops, taking more time and battery. Whereas setting the heading, then getting the drone “locked” into position and just moving the gimbal seems a lot more stable overall. But . . . There must be some reason to use the row method.
Thoughts, or am I just overthinking this? Maybe it’s just cold, windy, and snowing today so I am bored and thinking drone thoughts! You get that, right? (Unless you live in the tropics!)

Very simple. Depends on the object for the panorama. For example, if you shoot a road with moving cars, if you put it horizontally, then one car will be on the whole panorama