21 picture Panorama with Mavic Mini 2

Hi there,

I have quite some experience flying DJI Drones. The past years I used mostly the Mavic Air/Air2 and Mavic Pro drones. I never used Litchi software but know I might do the change…

One of the features I use the most is the 180° (21 pictures) panorama. This works perfect for me in Lightroom, since I can work with the RAW files and create really nice 2x1 pictures.

Since I do a lot of mountaineering in the next couple of weeks I wanted to give the Mini 2 a try… Unfortunately does the DJI App not do the (21) panorama thing with the Mavic 2. There is just one panorama option that takes 3 pictures, another one that does a 9 picture wide angle shot and then there is the 360° panorama. ?!?

Since it does the 360° thing the drone should be able to process the 21-pano as well…

Now the question - with Litchi - can I setup the app to do exactly this kind of 21picture panorama shots?

Thanks a lot!


You can find all the information about Litchi’s Pano-Mode in the online User Guide:

Grid Pattern can be set to Spherical or Linear.
These are all the settings for Pano-Mode:

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Wow - thx! I did’t know the program overs so much influence…

Just need to think about the angle used in the original setup. It’s most likely a try and error thing.

Does litchi also stitch the pictures together in the app? Like a jpg preview. Or this is all post processing?