2 questions; Orbit while follow, and custom mission "templates"?

Litchi with Mini 2.

I find there’s orbit in track-mode, but not in the follow mode, why not? I know you can orbit manually in follow mode by pushing joystick, but I’d want to have orbit while follow without pushing joystick, just like it’s possible with track-mode using it’s orbit-function. And in the actual orbit-mode, you can only orbit a waypoint, not the mobile device location, why not? It would achieve what I’m after. How do I orbit my location while moving around so the drone would always orbit my location? It seems only possible with track-mode, but tracking seems to lose me always quite quickly.

And is there any way to have kind of mission templates, for example a spiral orbit, which you could activate centering the location you choose in the field? So you just add a waypoint in the field and choose from a list of mission templates to run at your current location when choosing to?

I’m hoping others view this post who’ve put together such missions to share. I raised this issue in another forum, specifically to have a database of sample missions of different orbits, etc, with photos/videos already preset.