2 different results for the same mission created with Virtual Litchi Mission

Hello, I have found this great app made by Namirda, called Virtual Litchi Mission, and created a waypoint mission using the grid tool.
Every waypoint on the grid is suppose to be 65m above ground surface.
The thing is, when I export the mission in google earth, I get two different results depending on how I exported it.

In this screenshot, the purple line is the mission exported with the button Send Mission to Google Earth in the VLM app. The yellow one is the kml exported via Mission/Export as KML 3D Path. As you can see, the result aren’t the same at all, and the yellow one is quite scary (my drone can’t swim).

Which one should I trust ?? As anyone encouter this problem before ?
Thanks in advance.

The difference is most likely due to two different elevation models being used. I have found that Google’s Elevation API yields close but different results from what Litchi’s Mission Hub produces. I do not know what model Litchi uses. It might be “Mapbox”.

My guess is that when you use the VLM export function, the Google Elevation model is used in VLM to display the path and when you export the mission as a 3D KML path, Litchi uses whatever elevation model they use (Mapbox?) to create the KML file.

I have written tools using Googles Elevation API and I do know that those elevations differ from Litchi’s. However, I have not seen the magnitude be as large as what you have discovered.

Since the difference is the greatest when over the water, perhaps Google’s model takes water level into account while Litchi’s does not. I do not know this for a fact. I’m just trying to make sense of what I see.