2.4 5.8 Ghz how does Litchi select?

This is for a DJI Spark not that it might not matter just thought I would say that. Is there a way in Litchi to select the frequency for transmission/receiving? or does Litchi use what DJI Go 4 uses. so if i use the manual config in DJI will that transfer over to Liutchi or is there a way in Lithci to config the freq used. BTW I always force stop DJI Go 4 before I open Litchi for a flight.

As far as I know you can choose between “Auto” and a specific channel.
Channels above #13 are in the 5.8GHz band.

Settings > AIRCRAFT > Transmission Channel (FCC)

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that sounds like DJI Go4 , was wondering if Litchi had a selection too or does Litchi piggyback off of DJI Go 4 freq settings?

From the Litchi Help site under Settings > Aircraft:

Transmission Channel : For Lightbridge-based and WiFi drones (Spark/Mavic Air/P3/P4/I1/I2). Select a specific transmission channel or Auto. When set to Auto, both the channel and preview quality will be selected automatically.

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it’s literally in my first responce !! ??

To me, what the transmission freq is in Litchi is not autonomous. Litchi just takes what is passed to it from DJI Go4. Yes in Litchi there is freq settings but there is no graph just buttons with a freq next to it so it would be a best guess. I do notice that in DJI GO4 if i say set the freq to channel 5, that in Litchi it to has channel 5 selected. In DJIGO4 I set the freq to auto, in Litchi it too says auto.

Have you ever tried the other way around ?
I bet GO4 is “piggybacking” on Litchi