1st waypoint mission successful 2nd on same mission drone crashed

The 2nd time running a waypoint mission my mavic 2 went lower than the 1st time I ran the mission and the 2nd time it descended into a cornfield. I believe it crashed because the app said rc disconnected as I was trying to override the mission controls and ascend to avoid crashing. I even hit return to home on the controller and went to check the location of where I think it crashed. I searched the entire area and could not find it. I went home and downloaded the flight log and imported it into AirData to see if the location was different from the app and the location was the same however the altitude was not. When I lost connection the app said the altitude was 17ft and AirData says 49ft which makes me think it had started a return to home and that the rc did not actually disconnect but the cord from my controller to phone had come loose and I was able to avoid the crash. If the craft was on a return to home then it did not make it to the home point and searching the return to home path would take days and it’s the only field not plowed in the area so I’m short on time and out of options. Either way I’m screwed. If I ever get another drone I will NEVER use this app again.

My advice to potentially find the drone would be to place 2 pins on google maps where the home point was set and where the drone was last registered. Start from the last known location and walk towards the home point. Maybe find out what degrees it is and walk with a compass.


Hi Derek,

I’m sorry for your bad experience. My recommendation is to post your flight log to the “Crash and Flyaway Assistance” section of the Mavic Pilots forum. In that forum there are some expert log analysts. I’ve seen many cases where they were able to pinpoint both the reason for the crash and the location of the drone.