Will a Litchi Mission work without an internet connection?

I’m new to Litchi. I’ve planned and saved a ‘mission’ on the mission hub and loaded it onto my Smart Controller. If I turn off the wi-fi, and even turn off the SC, the ‘mission’ is still there when I turn the SC (but not wi-fi) on again.

My question is: will the ‘mission’ actually work in the field when I launch, because the SC does not have an internet connection? I’d try it out except that it’s raining up here—has been for days—and don’t want to fly my MA2 in the rain. Thanks.

You don’t need an internet connection to fly any DJI drone, period.
So the answer is YES.

Thank you. I knew you didn’t need Internet to fly. It was more about whether the coordinates on the maps would remain valid because with the DJI Fly app, there is no way to cache maps unless you leave the SC turned on.

You also don’t need a map to fly, in fact you can fly a DJI drone manually without any smart device connected (with a standard controller).

The GPS coördinates stored for every waypoint and poi in a mission are compared/processed with the actual realtime GPS position of the drone whilst flying. NO need for maps.

Maps are merely a visual aid for the pilot.