Why not to add information about wind velocity

I don’t know if Litchi has enough information to make algorithm for that, but since drone use some force to keep position, theoretically you can calculate velocity of wind. That information would be very helpful, because sometimes there is a difference in speed of wind up in the air and on the ground. Drone keeps position, so user might not notice it and fly away risking that coming back might be not so easy.

With this in mind i use UAV weather to check the forecast where i’m going to fly, you can set the height you want wind readings for, both normal & gusts

I second this. I also use it. Also available for IOS, iPhone if that is what you have.
Quick one glance shows if it is okay to fly, and you can set your own “safe” levels for about all metrics.
Can also see in the future (a day unless you purchase upgrade.)

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