Why is 'Take photo option on 75%'

Best Litchi users,

My first Forum post.

  1. Why is after ‘Take photo’ an box with 75% within it?

  2. What is the best method to create a ‘photo mission’? To let the drone stay for like 1-2 second, otherwise it will take a photo while flying which ‘can’ result in a image with movement in it, or it wont?

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I’ve never seen that before and I couldnt recreate it. Has it happened before?

A waypoint mission will certainly accomplish taking photos at each point. Your waypoint actions are a good place to start. I would extend the ‘Stay For’ time to 3 seconds or so, to give your drone time to stabalize.
If your flying speed is slow enough (12 km/h or less), the images you take while flying wont have blurry movement problems.

Thanks for your feedback!

I created another mission, and the 75% was gone.

Looking forward to test again, keep you updated.


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