Why does DJI tracking, not gps, work and Litchi does not?

Android, Air 2. DJI Fly works excellent. I would like to understand why Litchi struggles with this. I have read that the feature is “demanding” but isn’t it demanding in Fly as well as Litchi? There has to be a specific reason why Litchi cannot complete this task.
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It is not comparable. DJI’s active track uses the drone’s stereo camera hardware to calculate the distance to subject. Litchi does not have access to that data. Even if it did, you then have to take into consideration the increased latency which again does not affect DJI’s active track as it runs onboard the drone.

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But this is offset by the fact that dji does not allow you to launch activetrack if the drone is below 5 meters and obstacle avoidance sensors are disabled.