Which online resource does Litchi use for Digital Elevation?

I ran into a case where the relative digital elevations that I look up through Google Earth is significantly different from Litchi’s “above ground” adjustments. In this specific case, the video suggests Litchi’s adjustments are indeed correct and necessary if you don’t want to run into the hill!

Where does Litchi get its information from?

Google Maps is listed in the app and seems to be the only source mentioned. The VLM uses Google Earth information and may be the same as Google Maps. For general elevation determination, Litchi uses the drones Barometer and VPS, as mentioned in the Litchi User Guide.

Show VPS Height when Used : When this setting is enabled and when the Visual Positioning System is active (5m or less above the ground), the more precise ultrasonic height will be shown instead of the barometric altitude.

Will be displayed. But will not be used in missions