When I go to load a Waypoint mission the load screen is empty

I’ve loaded Litchi from the Amazon App Store on my Smart Controller. Created a mission. I then started up Litchi on the SC and loaded my saved mission. It looked good. Next, I took a drive to try out Litchi for the first time on my Mavic Aie 2. Flew the MA2 with DJI Fly, everything working fine. Landed the MA2 and exited DJI Fly. Went to settings to Force Stop DJI Fly. Started Litchi and took her up a bit. Put it into Waypoint mode and hit the load button and nothing. No Missions. At home, all my many missions were there. Now ever at back at home no missions show.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Copy them manually to the litchi folder

Are you logged in with your Litchi account in the app?

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