What's the point of Joystick Reference setting in Tracking mode?

What’s the point of using anything other than the default Joystick Reference setting?

Tell me more about what you are asking

I want to know why there are different Joystick Reference settings in the tracking settings. I just tried the aircraft heading one, but it didn’t really track me, and I made sure I walked along the axis. What I’m trying to say is that I want to know in what situation(s) I should NOT use the default Joystick Reference.

(The screenshot shows what settings I’m asking about)

Now it is clear. Yes, this is a good question, almost always these settings are useless

these settings are not needed for active tracking (when the drone itself flies after you), but for simple camera tracking and circular orbit when you control the drone. But you need to set the orbit speed in the settings below, if set to 0, then it does not work

Ok, thanks! Be safe flying! :slight_smile: