webpage login retention

I would like the webpage flylitchi.com to retain the fact that i have logged in, also have it remember that i set the mission page to imperial.


What browser are you using, I’ve no problem with either of those

What you describe is the default behavior. If you have changed your browser‘s configuration to remove cookies each time you close your browser, that would cause it to loose those settings.

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Im using firefox, all other websites i visit auto login such as mavic pilots, phantompilots, etc etc, i dont have it set to clear cookies etc,

Very Strange, as @wesbarris says what you are asking for is the default and works fine here in both Waterfox and Firefox

You likely created a login exception for the site. You can remove the exception. Check this info.

Well swing me sideways and call me francine, there was an exception set, not sure how that happened. there was only flylitchi that was in there

I just checked it and its all working
thanks guys


Happy that worked out… Francine :tulip:

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