Waypoint settings execution?

I’m new to litchi and wonder

How is the actions executed?

If I set it to stay one second and take an image,
Will it take the photo after one second or within the second?

After. The waypoint actions are processed sequentially in the order you specify.


Wouldn’t it be god thing to have actions as “stop” and “go”.

Then you would be able to have it stop, take an image and then proceed to the next waypoint.

Keeping still during the time you take an image mitigates motion blur

With straight-line missions, the drone momentarily stops at each waypoint already.

At the typical shutter speed of 1/1600s, you will not experience any motion blur no matter how fast the drone is going.

Not really, for photogrammetry it could be enuf to make a Projekt fail.

I Need to shoot at base iso(100) so the shutter speed will in the best case be around 1/1000