WAYPOINT (modification, modification)

WAYPOINT (modification, modification)

  1. By default, we can set the distance between two waypoints from 0.6 to 1999 meters!
    Q: Can you change this distance 0.6 = 0?
    EXAMPLE: You need to set two waypoints at the same point 0 (Note that you need waypoint 1 and 2 to be at the same longitude and latitude and altitude)! Attached screenshots below.


  1. Is it possible to increase the action for one waypoint?

Now it is possible to set up to 15 actions for one waypoint at the same time.
Is it possible to increase the number of actions from 1 to 150, for one waypoint?

P.S. All these modifications are necessary for shooting a 360 AEB PANORAMA. As you can see in the video, the possibility of such shooting is already implemented in the VLM program! But, unfortunately, LITCHI does not allow this mission to be realized due to the fact that all waypoints are at the same point (coordinates, and altitude). The minimum LITCHI requirement is 0.6 meters between two waypoints!

For those who want to try in the Litchi Mission Planner

Sincerely, Magomed Abdulaev Dag-tools.

You can do this even now. What’s the problem? No modifications needed.

How? If it is not difficult to explain please

I already wrote put 3 waypoints. And at point 2, change the height + 1 meter.

Now I can’t check, but it seems I did without it 2 waypoints with the same coordinates and there were no problems. Do you get a warning from the program when you put 2 waypoints?

But you can always go up or down 1 meter, it definitely works. Moreover, at a height of 50 meters, it is not even noticeable in the photo or video.

It looks like you don’t understand what you’re talking about?!

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I understand perfectly. You are not.

I use this all the time

To get PANORAMAS, 360 panoramas are not allowed to rise, fall by 1 meter or something like that!
Panoramas are taken from a single point.

So at waypoint 3 go back to waypoint 1 and take 15 more photos. You understand?

You try to shoot like that and then you can give advice to others.

I make 10 points with the same coordinates and everything always works for me.

But I won’t talk to you anymore. Pass by.

I don’t have 10 photos, but 29 and more!


Have you tried Litchi’s PANO-Mode while setting Capture Mode to AEB ?


No, this method does not suit me!
Due to the fact that it cannot be used in the route!

Sincerely, Magomed.

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We will try to remove these limits in upcoming update (along with others like 99 wp limit etc) at least for dji fly drones.

Making it possible to shoot a pano within a waypoint mission is also something we want to add


I really hope to see these features in the upcoming update. I have come to love this Lychee program for its simplicity, and I will be very sorry to switch to another one.

Okay, thanks for that, too.

Divide litchi into dji go and dji fly drone versions.

Mods for different platforms introduce many bugs in other platforms.

We still want to maintain/add features for older drones like mavic 2 series. Maintaining 2 apps would be more work than fixing the bugs you mention in one app.

But you would earn more if you split the versions