Waypoint flying interruption

I’m flying a mavic mini2.
During a planned mission with the litchi mission hub the app reported a signal disruption and therefore it stopped the mission.
It was a timlapse recording, 0,5m/s for about 20 min, just a half-circle with maximum distance of 300 meters to me on free field.
So I’m wondering wether the transmission of the mini2 is bad in general or the used timeout is rather short (the mini1 with its wifi transmission would not surprise me, but the mini2?
I’v seen some slight image problems on that, but only for about 1-2 sec.
Can you give any answer, what’s the timout for the disruption? Is this a builtin SDK property or something which Litchi can set?

Thanks, jjjj

Possible cause of signal interruption:

The antenae of the RC-N1 controller are not omnidirectional.
Which means for best control signal quality you have to point them at the aircraft.

Thanks for the answer.
It’s still a little bit unbeleavable to me, because DJI speaks about 8km range or so, and then some angular misalignment will lead to this.

Then fly the dji fly :slight_smile: slight_smile:

For some reason my experience is that Litchi has worse signal quality than DJI Fly, this shouldn’t be the case, as the antenna is in the remote controller and not in your phone, but still, it is something I noticed.