Waypoint flight video not smooth

Hi all,

I am doing a construction time lapse using waypoint mode. Struggling to get smooth video, seems jerky in the turns. Any advice?


This is classic “virtual-stick” jerkiness – unfortunately what we’re forced to endure with DJI drones that do not support on-board waypoint missions.

Apart from using an older (Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom, etc.) drone, you can only try to minimize the jerkiness by flying at slower speeds on days without any wind.


It would improve the smoothness if you used a lot more waypoints and arranged them out into a circle
equally spaced and also equally distanced from the point of interest.
You will not get good results using a rectangle.

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What is the flight speed?

I agree. Big, sweeping, more rounded paths are better for videos. It slows the yaw. Slower speed too.

Through experimentation with an Air 2s I have found that varying the number of waypoints has little to no effect on the smoothness of “virtual stick” missions. I provided some details about the experiments here:

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