Waypoint edit smart controller?


I’m trying to edit that lat and long of waypoints on a smart controller but unlike on the iPhone I had, the ability to edit the waypoint seems to be missing. Is this just not a feature on android, is it an issue with the smart controller or is there a way to enable the ability to edit this parameter of the waypoint?

Thank you!

Only the Mission Hub offers editing longitude and latitude of waypoints.

THank you Tribar! I’ve seen this notion in multiple places but I can actually edit long and lat of waypoints on my iPhone. Maybe Litchi changed that in a recent update?

You’re wrong.

It is necessary to enable the display of coordinates in the settings and you can edit the coordinates at waypoints on your smartphone!

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This has been available for a very long time.

No way to do it on Android, other than dragging the waypoint to a new location

Thank you bpa! Found the setting and it works like a charm! You’re a lifesaver!

It is very convenient to create wp1 and wp2 vertical missions to set the same coordinates and different heights, as well as the speed of ascent or descent.