VR mode and gimbal question


I’m new on this forum and on litchi app
I get it to use VR mode, but something is hard to understand for me:

It seems the gimbal is moving left, right, up and down when I move my head

But, is it possible to disable it, or to get something on the screen to say when gimbal it on the middle ?

Because it is very difficult to know if my head come back to « zero » (maybe my body can move and I don’t know)

Many thanks for your help

You need to set up a function button for this. “Gimbal Restart”

It will reset gimbal to center each time I press it

Correct ?

But nut disable fiction. To move gimbal with head ?

I would like to keep gimbal adjustment from remote

But if it’s not possible, I will try with a button

Many thanks

When you turn on the vr mode, you will have an additional menu on the screen where you can switch the control mode.
If you have enabled the mode when the smartphone controls the gimbal, then you can reset the gimbal to the center with the “restart” button