VLOS for Rookies

Given my earlier post where I obviously flew well past VLOS, I just wanted to pick you guys brains a little. I’m not a reckless person and I won’t be flying a mile away again, but I do want to discuss VLOS in general.

For me with the Mini SE, VLOS is not very far at all. That gray thing is hard to see from even 80-100 yards away or at a certain height against a gray sky for me . I sometimes have wondered if skinning it with a darker color or putting lights on it would make it easier to see. :upside_down_face:

Anyway, point being, given the capabilities of the DJI drones, I would think hobbyists would find it pretty difficult to not fly at least a wee tiny bit beyond VLOS at times, especially those of you in the heartlands or other places with lots of wide open spaces.

What say you? I’m just here to learn from you guys.

Adding a strobe light such as the one made by Firehouse

would greatly increase the visibility of the drone at distances even in daylight. Knowing the location of the strobe on the drone body will also enable you to orient the drone and ascertain the direction it is facing even when far off. Finally, strobes are a powerful deterrent that keeps angry raptors at bay.