Virtual flight question

I created a flight in litchi hub and exported it kml 3d path. It opened in google earth pro. It is all there. Can I fly the virtual path in google earth? Im very new.

Jeff, the ‘Export as KML 3D Path’ will show the Waypoints and Flight Path in Google Earth, but it doesnt allow for a Virtual Flight. There is an extension for Chrome that will add a RED option to the Mission Hub menu.

Opening that .kml file in Google Earth Pro will show the Virtual Flight option under your mission.

However, there is a problem with that extension now and it has not been corrected. The altitudes shown in Google Earth Pro are off by ~200m and your Virtual Mission goes underground.

There is a desktop version, that is still working. You can create and edit missions in this application, just like you can using Mission Hub (sign-in is required, of course)
Download latest version here :
Virtual Litchi Mission V2.8.1

The little globe next to Mission Hub (above the search box) is the Send Mission to Google Earth feature. Hope this helps.

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The extension is now working again

The extension still doesn’t work on my new laptop.

working fine here both on laptop and desktop, both running Waterfox 5.1.1