Units in the VLM export out of Litchi

Hello, hoping for a quick and easy answer… my units in Litchi Mission Hub are set to imperial. When I export a VLM to Google Earth, the units expressed are in metric. My Google 3D view is set to miles, feet.

Any explanation on how I can get the VLM in Google Earth to indicate feet?



The units are passed along with the data in the csv file that goes from VLM to GEP. When you say your “Google 3D view is set to miles, feet”, are you referring to your Google Earth Options?

Tools → Options → 3D View:

I have mine set to “System default” (which is feet / miles). When you toggle between the three options (and click Apply) do you see the units change in the lower right corner?

Wesbarris, thanks for the response!

Yes I had that set to feet, miles in the 3D View tab… when i toggled between the units, the lower right hand units changed correspondingly.

Quick vid of the issue… the question is why does it display metric when the 3D view tab is set to feet.

Not the best… you’ll have to trust me on the feet thing.