Unexpected/uncommanded behavior

I’m running Litchi for the Mini 2 off of an Android phone, and the waypoints for an otherwise non-waypoint drone is very nice. As is the faster startup. But it’s had some non-trivial issues.

At first I thought it was a discrepancy between online Mission Hub settings as-saved and the app. But it’s done what the mission called for as ending behavior (not the app) and then also done what neither had selected. It started flying off to re-do a mission when both said ‘Return to 1.’

It’s also landed at a decent battery level without command, returned when selecting ‘cancel,’ slowly descended on a straight path while over water (waypoints were over 50 feet and it was dropping below 20), and weaved left and right while it should have been a single large turn. In those cases the log shows no signal loss. It’s pretty concerning that at some point it’ll fly erratically into something or pass in front of a moving car trying to land from a lost connection (even though I have it set to RTH).

Are refinements still in development for the Mini 2?

Hi Mark. Welcome to the Litchi forum.

If you have the mission finish action set to “Return to 1”, the drone should return to the first waypoint once the drone completes the mission. When you say “flying off to re-do a mission” what does that mean?

Are you saying that it went into failsafe RTH mode and landed with something like 40% battery? The failsafe RTH function is built into the drone and not controlled by Litchi. Flying into the wind (and returning to home with the wind) would be one reason for such a behavior.

There are no refinements still in progress specifically for the Mini 2 that I am aware of. I have been using Litchi with an Air 2s since DJI released the SDK and I have experienced no such problems.

Is it possible that you have DJI Fly running in the background while using Litchi? Only one of these two apps should be running at any time. The other one should be “force closed”.

Thanks for the input.

I had it set to go to waypoint 1 (it was at the nearby ending waypoint) but it started flying off to waypoint 2.

Correct. It was pretty close (laterally) to waypoint 1 at the time. Behavior I’d never seen with the DJI app.

I hadn’t specifically started it, but even at that it was things that DJI Fly itself hadn’t ever done.

Thanks again. I wanted to iron out basic flight [safety] things first (some of those other ones are still pretty concerning) but the jumpy yaw is a little disappointing too. Given your profile on using it for smooth turns, what’s the best way to fix it? I use Resolve too but it’s be nice to have it smoother for streaming.

You will need to make sure DJI Fly is not running in the background (from a previous use). It has been reported that when both apps are resident, unexpected results may occur. You will need to “force-close” DJI Fly before using Litchi.

There currently is no perfect solution for DJI Fly drones. The forced use of virtual sticks is simply inferior to resident waypoint capability.

In DJI Fly drones, DJI has removed the ability to upload the entire mission to the drone and have the drone autonomously fly the mission. Instead, Litchi is forced to use the inferior “Virtual Sticks” method to execute waypoint missions on DJI Fly drones. Drones with onboard waypoint capability are able to perform yaw transitions much more smoothly than DJI Fly drones using the “Virtual Sticks” method.

I have heard of some having limited success in smoothing out the yaw jerkyness by making some gimbal adjustments in DJI Fly. In DJI Fly, access the main menu and select “Control” then “Advanced Gimbal Settings”. Under “Normal Mode”, change the Yaw Speed from the default of 75 to something smaller like 35. Also change the default Yaw Smoothness from the default 7 to something like 70. These changes are saved to the drone and will affect flights with Litchi as well. I have tested this and I think I see an improvement in waypoint missions but I’m not 100% convinced.

Using the stabilizer in Davinci Resolve will also help but of course it has to do a bit of cropping and scaling to produce smoother results.

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