Testei o app Auriga DJI (italiano) para Mini 2

Fiz alguns testes com o app Auriga DJI, mas cheguei à conclusão que o Litchia é extremamente superior, muito mais confiável, sendo o que mais gosto são as mensagens por voz, já em Português, sou do Brasil.

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I did some tests with the Auriga DJI app, but I came to the conclusion that Litchia is extremely superior, much more reliable, and what I like most are the voice messages, already in Portuguese, I’m from Brazil. (English Translation)

I use (and like) both Litchi (mainly for waypoints missions) and Auriga Dji and those are complementary apps.
Auriga app is a very neat and reliable app specially when you fly FPV with VR or Dronemask goggles as you have the ability to control most of the settings (photo, video, headtracking…) directly from the RC without removing the phone from the headset. The HUD interface is also very pleasant. You can also adjust the VR parameters, an option that is not present in Litchi at the moment.