Tablet without GPS module

Hi folks,
for my Mini 2 I got a tablet by Samsung (SM-T580), which sadly got no gps module built in.

So I guess, some things may not work and some questions came in my mind, and I am looking for answers and background:

a) I guess, “Dynamic Homepoint” will not work any more, am I correct?

b) Will RTH still work? Does the drone save the homepoint when it is started or is the drone using the information got from the mobile?

c) I can manually set the homepoint to the mobile with the function key on the controller. I fear, this will not work either, am I correct?

d) This leads to the next question: I suppose, “Follow Mode” will not work either, as the drone needs the information of the GPS from the tablet, am I correct?

e) Are there other functions I forgot, which will not work, without gps information from the mobile?

If there is something else, I should notice or take care of, please enlighten me.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards


That is correct.

Yes, RTH will work. It uses the GPS information in the drone (not your mobile device).

No, you will not be able to set it to the location of the mobile device. However, you will be able to reset the home point to the current location of the drone or you can drag the home point on the map manually.

That is correct. Follow mode will not work with a non-GPS mobile device.

I can’t think of any other.

For most people, a GPS-enabled flying device is not necessary. I fly with an iPad (no GPS). No, I can’t use “Follow Mode” but other than that, all functions work.