Streamline and manage Drone Flight Missions

Manage your Litchi flight missions using our Drone Flight Mission Management SaaS software solution. Visit website for more information:

Interesting but it does not seem to have anyplace to test it out like Airdata does for free.
The link just takes us to a bunch of photos of what it should look like.


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Thanks for the update. Seems to be a problem or not very clear on adding a pilot. It asks for pilot name and License. Just what information does it require? Here in North America things might be different.

That field is used to capture remote pilot certificate number. You can leave it blank if you want to. This is just for your reference.

I highly recommend that you watch this tutorial on pilot management module:

This tutorial will show you how to create a flight mission, attach Litchi Mission to the flight mission and review it from within the software:

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