Still need to add a 'sacrificial point' on a waypoint mission?

I haven’t used Litchi for a few years, but have a project coming up shortly that needs a waypoint mission.

Previously, I always experienced a problem with Litchi whereby the first waypoint didn’t register the orientation of the gimbal currently. So, whilst all the waypoints were correct, the rotation and angle of the gimbal would just be pointing in the wrong direction.

My solution was to create a sacrificial waypoint before the first ‘real’ waypoint. After doing this, the problem was solved and the orientations were all as expected for the duration of the mission.

I have updated Litchi to the latest version, and I wonder if I am still going to need to use the sacrificial waypoint workaround, or if the problem had been fixed? Sadly, I will have no time to test this out before I need to actually fly my mission.

You will continue to need a “sacrificial” waypoint at the beginning. While camera actions would work at the first waypoint, the heading (and probably the gimbal pitch) will only begin to adjust to their configured angles at the first waypoint. Out of habit, I don’t depend on the first waypoint to point in the configured direction.

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