Simalator in litchi

Hey Lichi. I’m still seeing the issue with the simulator. If I am at home, and I create a mission at a distance of 10km from me, when I start the mission in the simulator, the program tells me that it is impossible to complete the mission due to the large distance from the “home” point. Then I take the home point and move it closer to the mission, but the program tells me that the home point should be 30 meters away from the drone when the drone is in the air. Thus, I have to take off and land several times in the simulator to move the home point closer to the mission, and when there is not much left, my mission starts.
You have already been asked this question by other users, is it possible to make a free position for the “home” point and the “rc” point for the “simulator” mode.

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I also think that many users did not know that the “home” point can be moved manually in the simulator and did not use this function. It would be nice for the “simulator” to set the point “home” in the place where the user wants. Can even set “waypoint” mode to a separate “home point” button, similar to waypoints and poi.

I also suggest introducing a blinking light on the drone when the simulator is on. We have a switch in the settings “turn on the front lights”, you can make it so that when the simulator is turned on, these lights blink.