Several Ideas for Litchi

Hi folks,

it looks like there is no new version of litchi released since a long time. So maybe the developers might gogt out of ideas, what to implement. So I would like to spare some things, I personally would like to see in Litchi.

(All ideas are in my mind with the background, that Litchi shall/should work as a complete substitute to DJI Fly .e. for those using a 32-bit mobile):

  1. Option to register a new drone at DJI

  2. Settings: Option to adjust Gimble speed (seperate vertical and horizontal) and of course seperate for each mode (cine, normal, speed)

  3. Settings: Option for controller settings Mode1, Mode2 and Mode3

  4. Settings: Gain and Expocalibration for the controller

  5. Settings: Option for calibration of IMU

  6. Option to actualise a) Firmware of drone, b) firmware of controller, c) Flysafe data, d)

That would be my personally most appreciated addings to Litchi.

Last but not least an idea for the GUI:

It would be nice, if you could increase the size of the icons in the above taskbar (without increasing the taskbar itself). Doing so, the icons would be better seen without reducing the video image. For example, if the taskbar got a height of 60 px, make the icons 55px. I found this option in the windowmanager KDE on my desktop computer and increasing the icons in the taskbar without increasing the taskbar itself is making great optical view.

Just my ideas, hope, you find it usefull!

Best regards


I have a suggestion too, that would make a big difference for dji drones users:

  • Save a Point of Interest, with GPS localization AND gimbal position.

That would be great, because it would be very easy to take pictures, videos or Hyperlapses from the same position in different dates, so we can follow the evolution of building sites.

waypoint function in the aircraft. This feature has been around for a very long time.

If you use waypoints you will need to choose 2 or more points. And, if I am not mistaken, it will not record the gimbal position.

A simple litchi mission would do that.
Don’t want any more clutter in the litchi program.

You are correct that you must have 2 or more waypoints in order to save a waypoint mission. Do a simple test where the second waypoint is located (GPS, height) and oriented (heading, gimbal pitch angle). Save this mission. Then, open this mission and check the above parameters. You will see that the heading and gimbal pitch angle are restored to what you specified in the mission.

If you are using the Litchi app, you can save 1 waypoint.

It works on 32bit mobile

Yes, I know. However, I got problems with a 32-bit device (Samsung TM-280), where litchi was starting, but did not show the video.

Tried other apps, like Rainbow and UgCS, both got no video. As all apps including litchi are based on the source code released by DJI, I guess, that the part of the video interface “modul” might still be compiled for 64-bit. Thus it will not work.

Maybe this part is closed source from DJI (do not know, just a guess), and so it might be can not be compiled for 32-bit. Of course, I may be wrong! Our developers know it exactly and best.

Best regards


P.S. Of course, I know, Litchi is available for 32-bit.