Screen Recording

I believe it’s possible to record the screen with the IOS version. How about applying that to the Android phones as well…don’t understand why it isn’t available for Android users.

Just use the inbuilt screen recorder in Android, works perfectly well

I am aware that I can do that but more times than enough I forget to start it. I’d prefer to have that feature in the app…

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you’ve still got to remember to start it if its in the app, as far as i know the version in apple devices isn’t automated in any way, more on the subject here Adding a screen recording feature and audio only recording feature for android

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If I forget to start it, which I constantly do, I’m reluctant to exit/switch from the Litchi app once my drone is in the air to try and start it. So can Litchi either add that feature for Android or Add a button to litchi which will launch the built in screen recorder negating the need to exit/switch from the app to do so.

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You don’t have to.
You can activate the inbuild android screenrecoring feature at any time without exiting any app by just swiping down to the quick-settings.
Here the litchi app is still active at the background and the screenrecording button is the 4th from the right.


If you have a older device plenty of apps out there for screen recording.
I use a tripltek 7 pro for the super bright sunny days in Florida and I just use an app because it does not have one.