Saving new missions from hub not working 2

As the title says, after creating a mission using a windows 11 desktop PC, the mission cannot be saved. Instead, after filling in the name of the mission and clicking on the save button, nothing happens???

I am logged in on my desktop account as is my android phone. All my older missions appear on the phone, just can’t get a new mission to save. I have searched for similar posts and borrowed the title from one post I found with the same issue, but there is no resolution there.

Any ideas?


When you say “nothing happens”, that is normal in that the “Save Dialog” disappears. To see that your mission was saved, select “Open” out of the menu. Do you see the name of your saved mission in the resulting list?

The save dialog box just stays open after clicking on the save button. But you’re right, it does now appear in the Open menu!

My next issue is that it is not appearing on the list of missiona on my android device (which does show older missions).

I an super grateful for your help.

Make sure you are using the same login/password combination on the Android device that you are using on the Mission Hub.
Also, check under Litchi settings (on the Android device):
Sync Local Missions : When enabled, and provided you are logged in to your Litchi account, missions created on the device will be synced to the cloud so you can access them on other devices.

I checked and found the logon and p/w are the same (logged out and back in to both).

When I enabled the Sync Local Missions it removed about half of those previously saved and also removed my desktop view of the new one I am trying to save and view and the android. Still no bueno with the save button :frowning:

Inability to save missions on the Litchi Mission Hub is an infrequent but nonetheless recurrent problem that emerges once in a while but then resolves itself within 48 hours.

Thus far I have encountered this particular glitch three times in five years of using Litchi. So, the advice I have is to do nothing and wait for a couple of days for the issue to resolve itself

Thanks for sharing your experience and advice. Murphy’s Law prevails as I had plans for tomorrow so the old manual mode will be used. The “mission” mode on Litchi is the best.