RTH without landing?

Is it possible(maybe with add-on future feature of litchi?) to have the drone not land after returning to home? I’d like it to return to home, and hover until battery is ‘critical’ before beginning the landing procedure.

Just as thought as I type this… If I save a new home location with it at a given altitude; Will it return to that altitude and hover or go all the way to ground? ;

Rth configured in drone firmware

just manually cancel the return to home when the drone gets back to home point

You can cancel rth. Click on the screen

The reason I ask; is because often when I need it; I can’t cancel rth to stop the landing… Once I was doing a follow me, and it RTH automatically; I had to 'race back to RTH locaiton and 'catch it in time; Was a whole low on battery; lost positioning thing unique event…

Another reason I would like it; is ‘on the water’… If it RTH I’d like to give it all the ‘battery time’ it has left to get under it/take manual control; should/when it gets disconnected from transmitter.

This imo should be the default operation anyway… RTH to right above home; it’ll come down soon enough when battery drains; presuming you can’t re-establish control again(otherwise that much more time).

Using a DJI Mini SE.

What drone are you using

With your drone, there is no way to adjust rth through the assistant. You will have to make sure that the connection with the remote control is not lost.


Instead of modifying the RTH procedure, what you really want is to enable this option:

Dynamic Homepoint: When enabled, the home point will continuously be updated to the current location of your mobile device. Recommended in Follow mode.

Of course, you would need to be using a device that has GPS for this to work.

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