Recording actual drone position as waypoint?

How can I record actual drone position as a waypoint for dji air 2s user that the controller lacks of c1 and c2 buttons ?

My goals is using dji fly to do long hyperlapse - pause midway mission - switch to litchi - record the position - land - change battery - go back to last waypoint recorded in litchi - switch to Dji fly - continue hyperlapse from exact position before pausing mission.

on mini 2 you use the fn button on the controller,1 press for c1, and 2 for X2, long press actions aren’t supported

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Wow thanks for the response. I’ll try my air 2s. I guess (hope) no difference with your mini.
I’ll update my finding.

It works the same as in mini. I tested on the ground to control front led.

Great ! Thanks a lot !

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