Reception optimizing - trees in particular

Apologies if this has been asked already but didn’t see it when searching.

Want to keep a drone flying properly. And the situation:

I have a flight path where the furthest point can be seen (theoretically, it’s slightly too far to actually see the drone - about 300m) directly from a spot close to home. My alternative is to be perhaps 30m closer to the drone but there’s a tree in the way.

What should I try first? Keep viewing the drone, or ‘see it through the tree’?

Trees with leaves have a greater chance of blocking the transmission between the controller and the drone than trees without leaves. If the tree has already lost its leaves, the transmission signal may be unaffected when passing through it. So, to answer your question… see it through the tree.

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My area is heavily treed. I quickly lose sight of the drone once it gets above them. I can only use maps with or without Mission planning. Even then there may be loss of signal between controller and zone regarding position although camera transmission is still present and RTH still works.