Quick shots like dji fly

I need quick shots
I am not a a pilot, only have my dji mini 2 for social media, my drone always fly around 25 meters … No need more.

Te most important thing in video is me, not the surround things, all videos Will be discard 2/3 of information, because i post on vertical Mode .
I only have one battery, and never fly more than 2 minutes…Not interested in landscapes or stratospheric data…

Quick shots like dji fly are fantástic, put the drone on start point, and execute a fly. No numérical data or asking about nothing… Quick is quick…

Why don’t you use DJI Fly for Quickshots? Is there a difference?
What specific feature do you want that DJI’s Quickshots don’t have?

I have Not istalled dji fly, and do Not want to install any more… I do Not want learn 2 apps, and follow me for me, is superb, and órbit (in track Mode) at very low speed is fantástic for barbecue in garden, with dji fly its not posible because always Crash with trees… With litchi i can récord 15 seconds at low speed , for stories…

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DJI Fly does not use the GPS signal of the cell phone for quickshots. That would be great if Litchi would include that. So I can run and the drone makes a helix around me (=> the GPS signal from my phone).

That would be amazing

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Yes Will be nice, in special if there is NOT any questions before start, like … Start from north or south? For me the 25 meters pre-defined in fly app is perfect, never touch values… Only one click.

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