Problems with VR Mask

In virtual mode and with the mask, how do you make take off and land without taking off the VR mask??
To make it take off I did it in FPV and then I changed but when the drone was already in the air … and then it didn’t land … it stayed in the air even if I sent it down … I had to grab it and turn off the engines.

Thanks for the help…I don’t understand what I did wrong…

Search your drone’s user manual for ‘CSC’ (Combination Stick Command) and/or ‘Starting/Stopping the motors’.
Also read up on ‘Landing’ and ‘Landing protection’.

How to start and stop the engines and take off with my Mini Se …not a problem.
But when I put on the aVR mask it didn’t do it anymore …
So I went back to the normal view on the Smartphone and everything worked, as usual, but it doesn’t seem like a normal thing to me…so I thought of some other key combination.

Most likely the IMU was still heating up which prevents starting the motors, and by the time you did exit VR-mode and tried again to start, the IMU was ready.