Problem installing Litchi on smart controller

Just bought me a smart controller for my Mavic 2 Pro and want to install Litchi on the smart controller.
I bought Litchi for my Mini 2 using my smartphone but when I now want to download Litchi from the amazon store it only gives me the option to buy it. My email address on is the same as the one I used on my smartphone to buy Litchi.
Do I have to pay for Litchi again to get it on my smart controller? In the video
at 1 min 48 it says it is not required to pay for it again, or maybe the maker of the video bought it from amazon in the first place?
On the Litchi pages I found 'Please note that you can only have one version of Litchi installed at once; you cannot have Litchi from Google’s Play Store installed on the same device as Litchi from Amazon’s Appstore. ’ but it is not the same device in my case (smartphone and smart controller).
Please help me out so that I can use Litchi on the smart controller.
Thanks in advance!
Greetings from Belgium,

I think FAQ is the answer, so yes you will have to buy again as amazon and Google play are considered different platforms

#### 10. I purchased the app on one device, can I install it on other devices?

You can install the app on as many devices as you want as long as they use the same platform and the same “main” account (Google, Apple or Amazon) that was used for the original purchase. If you wish to use Litchi on two or more platforms you will need to purchase it on each one.

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Hello Martin and thanks for responding, I did not understand what they meant by ‘platform’ and assumed it was Android, but it is now clear that I will have to purchase it again from the Amazon Appstore.