Point of interest symbol

I’m probably being a bit thick here but could someone clarify what the altitude figure denotes above the poi symbol? The same figure on a waypoint symbol is clearly the height at which the aircraft should be at a given waypoint and will instruct the aircraft to decrease or increase height accordingly. What does the poi altitude figure mean or do? Thanks for your patience for a Litchi newbie.

Hello @Andrew7 ,
The altitude of the POI indicates where the focus of the camera will be. Imagine the POI being a tree. An altitude of ‘zero’ would put your focus at the base of the tree. An altitude of 75 would set your focus at the top of the tree. The altitude tells your drone how high (or low) to look.
Hope that helps.


Thanks for that Sam. I did wonder if that was the case but thought it better to ask rather than hurtling into the ground.