POI Camera Pointing Problem with Waypoint Mission

I defined a mission on my laptop for my DJI Mini 2 and saved it in Mission Hub.

Included in the mission were some flybys of some POIs with the camera (supposedly) pointing at the POI as the drone flew past it, with the camera then returning to pointing to the line of flight until the next POI flyby.

I used the virtual mission KML exporter in Chrome to create a POV view of the mission to make sure it was what I wanted.

Unfortunately, the real-life mission was not what my waypoint mission encoded and not what the virtual mission indicated would happen. As the drone flew past the POI’s the camera remained pointing at the line of flight rather than at the POIs.

Here is a link to the defined mission:


And here is a link to the video of the flown mission:

As you can see, when the mission was actually flown, the camera continued to track the flight path, rather than point at the POIs as desired.

What am I doing wrong?


Your mission is not visible in the Mission Hub, you have to uncheck the “Private” checkbox in “Missions”.

My best guess is you have “Heading Mode” set to “Auto (TNW)”, it should be set to “Custom (WD)”.


I’ve unset the “private” checkbox. and you’re right - “Heading Mode” was set to "Auto (TNW)!

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