POI camera angle accuracy in waypoints

In passing between two points, the drone looks at the set POI. There is no big difference in the final result, whether I record in 4K with double zoom (and post edit) or in 1920x1080 with four or six times digital. The problem with digital zoom, however, is the inaccuracy of viewing the cameras according to the POI. At 6x zoom, the viewing angle is so narrow that the POI is out of frame. The advantage of 4K is only that, due to the wide angle, the POI is at least somewhere in the corner of the shot.
Do you know any parameter that affects the accuracy of the camera according to the set POI?

This may not be a question of “accuracy”. Instead, it could be the result of the geometry of your mission. Share your mission and describe between which two waypoints the drone does not point at the POI so that we can take a look.

Digital zoom may be better used in post-processing where you have much better control. If used during a flight you are really just throwing away pixels.

Has anyone noticed this behavior in the mission. I put a segment of 3 points and 2 poi, the wp height is the same, and the poi is the same, but in the wp settings it turns out that the suspension angle is -5 degrees, - 6 degrees, -3 degrees, respectively, well, on the video he tries to raise / lower the camera.

I have to check it and set it up as interpolation, put the same angles