Phantom 4 Pro V2 flys at 30 degree slant on waypoint mission

When flying a saved waypoint mission in Litchi autonomously using my Phantom 4 Pro V2, the drone flys at an approximate 30 degree angle horizontally. The drone still flys the mission from point A to point B and so forth, but during flight, it flys at an angle. It only happens on waypoint missions. When flying in FPV mode using both Litchi and DJI GO4, the drone flys fine. I’ve calibrated the IMU, the compass and even recalibrated the gimbal but the issue continues. Anyone with any experience or suggestions on troubleshooting? Thanks.

I think the drone must have been fighting strong wind.
The higher you go, the stronger the wind will be.
Upload the flightlog to AirData and check for “Weather”.

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I was practicing how to create missions so flight was 30 feet AGL. It was not windy at all. Aircraft was set to fly at 2 miles /hour.