Phantom 4 Pro+ Litchi v4.19.0-a camera settings not sticking

Hello I’m having to reset my camera settings every time I start Litchi. The other settings are sticking but camera settings such as jpeg+raw, 3:2 etc… not saving!
Any ideas what I can do?
I’ve deleted the app twice and reloaded from amazon store and the first time I was able to get all the other settings to stick but still unable to get the camera settings to save.
I’ve used the search function as well as google and couldn’t find an answer.


It should be fixed in 4.21.0 that is coming soon.

Oh that would be outstanding. I love everything about Litchi on the phantom except that. Thanks much.

I thought Litchi announced that there will be no further development for these older drones? I’m stuck on 4.19.0-a not 4.20.0 So will I be able to jump to 4.21.0 when it’s released??

I hope so. I’m waiting for v4.21.0-a for my Crystal Sky.
2022-02-01: Not yet available on Amazon.

Is there a V4.20.0-a ?? Mine is still at V4.19.0-a.

There’s NO v4.20-a because this version does not support Android 5 anymore.

So why do you think v4.21.0-a will come ever? and why do you think it will be compatible?

Sorry that’s useless for now because the google play store will not install on a P4P+ controller, the version on amazon hasn’t changed I delete Litchi and go back to amazon and it reloads the old version.

Yep the release must be Chinese humor LMAO, they know we can’t download from the play store but they say it’s compatible with the + controller. LMAO put it on Amazon store where it always has been for the Phantom 4 Pro +.

The release date on Amazon has always been a few days later than Playstore.
Have some patience.

I hope they understand that the Phantom 4 pro+ controller is very difficult to install Google Play Store on a P4P+ controller, it’s why they have been using amazon store…
It seems that it would be simple to post a link to the actual file so we can just load it from our own computer to the controller directly.

4.21.0 should be available in amazon app store now, compatible with android 5 / crystalsky / p4 pro + v1