Pausing waypoint mission to change a battery

hi all

on a mavic air 2s, is there a way to pause a waypoint mission, and change a battery and then continue where the mission was paused, especially while taking photos on this mission?

thank you

apologies if this question has been asked

If you notice the screen when you start a mission, it asks if you want to start from WayPoint # 1.

You can start your mission, then stop it at a certain Waypoint# when your battery is low, fly home and change battery. When you start the mission again, choose the Waypoint# where you stopped, then click start.


thank you so much Sam_G.

is there however an easier less managment needed way. as i would not want the drone re-taking pictures or lets say missing a couple between a line of waypoints. as a line may be very long and many pics may be lost or re-taken.

but thanks for the response anyway

Given the lack of autonomous mission on the Air 2S (I have one), you have to manage a multi-battery mission yourself.
Its better to have the drone re-taking some pictures than to miss some along the way.
You can minimize the impact by ending the mission at a certain point (ex: right after the turn at a Waypoint), then start the mission again at that Waypoint #.

thank you Sam_G. good tip