PANO MODE strange rotation


Why drone is doing a Right 15° YAW rotation before starting PANO sequence?

Is there any way to avoid that?

Or, is there any way to display HEADING on screen?

Are you doing an “Auto” pano or “Manual”? If “Manual”, what are your pano settings?

I don’t know “Auto” mode.

My settings are :
Width 360°
Columns : 12
Height : 114°
Rows : 1
Nadirs : 0
Grid pattern : Linear
Capture strategy : Columns by columns
Delay before:1.62s
Delay after : 0

I need to be oriented to the north for the first photo. So I have to manage a 2 waypoints track in waypoint mode oriented HEADING 345°.( Litchi doesn’t take just 1 waypoint solo). Then, I start PANO mode.

The drone rotates half the number of degrees per row for it’s first picture when the number of columns is even.

The drone shoots it’s first picture at the current heading of the drone when the number of columns is uneven.

The reason is to devide the width of the panorama equally to the left and to the right.

360° / 12 rows = 30° per row.
30° / 2 = 15° (first picture).


Ok, understood, it is for easy assembly in a pano software next…

Thank you Yordie.