Pano issues with Zenmuse XT on Inspire 1

I’ve been playing with an XT 9mm 336 camera on an Inspire 1 and have run into two issues. First, if the movement is set to yaw instead of gimbal, the aircraft turns, but keeps the camera pointed the same direction moving up and down. Obviously this doesn’t result in a usable pano.

Second, the time it takes between shots is 7-8 seconds and given the narrow FOV of the camera it requires 15-20 columns and at least 6 rows in spherical. So this takes forever to accomplish and pretty much can’t complete it on one battery with a 30% reserve. Time before and after photos is set to zero. It should be able to complete the pano within a minute or so because nothing is moving except for the gimbal.

Surely there doesn’t need to be such a long pause after moving the gimbal?