Pano database empty

Hi, I created a mission and at each waypoint set to do autopano. All worked but where are pictures. They are not in the database for me to stitch together. They are on sd card but why cant i see in database

Currently in waypoint missions you can only shoot horizontal 360 panos with the action preset. These pano are not added to the pano database but this is something we could potentially do. Currently only panos you shoot while in pano mode are saved to the pano database

Eventually we will make it possible to shoot any kind of panorama in missions with support for in-app stitching.

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Hello, thanks for quick reply. That has saved me lots of time as I thought there was something wrong. However, I now have the issue of stitching 7 of them together as an after thought in other software. So was a little disappointed with that. Not to worry the main thing for me is you replied and I now know reason.

Much appreciated.