P4P V2 wants to "Land" instead of "RTH"

I have been flying the same mission weekly. (see screenshot) Very simple, three waypoints, start recording, Stop recording, RTH. I have recently begun flying with the P4P V2. The drone ignores the RTH and goes into a “Land” at the end of the mission. I’ve double-checked the settings. Any thoughts on why she wants to land rather than follow the simple instructions?

Where’s your take off point ?

About halfway between WP 2 and WP 3.

According to the Phantom 4 Pro User Manual (page 15):
“The aircraft automatically descends and lands if RTH is triggered when the aircraft flies within a 65ft (20m) radius of the Home Point.”


The other two missions that I fly at the same time each week RTH just fine. (same drone.) It’s only the “Video” mission that behaves this way.

It’s not a major issue since I now know to anticipate the behavior and react accordingly. I was just concerned by the inconsistencies.