Orbit Mode Question

I’m new to using Litchi and have a question about the Orbit Mode. Do you have to be at or near the altitude that you set the orbit at before you initiate the orbit? I tried it yesterday got my drone about 5’ and the ground and then started rising and flew straight into a tree at about 20’. That is why I’m thinking you have to be at or close to altitude height before the command is initiated. Can anyone confirm?

Welcome @Vince_Drumright

From the Litchi Help Information:


Orbit causes the aircraft to circle around a point of interest while optionally having the gimbal keeping focus on it.
The orbit parameters (radius, altitude, speed) can be altered in real-time.
Enter the Orbit mode by pressing the Flight Mode icon at the top left of the Litchi screen. Select “Orbit”.

Running an Orbit session

Press the “Start” button at the bottom of the settings screen to initiate an Orbit session.
When initiated the aircraft will first rise to the preset altitude, then proceed to the entry point on the Orbit circle. It will then start orbiting.

As in ALL missions, start your flight in a clear unobstructed area.
Hope some of this will help you avoid accidents in the future.

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thanks, I’ll go look at the settings for the mission. It didn’t rise straight up to the set elevation height before it headed to the point of entry. That is what is confusing to me. The tree was 30’ away.